Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC was formed in December 2007, post accreditation of the college by the NAAC Peer Team. The IQAC was reconstituted in 2013 according to the guidelines laid down by the UGC in the XIIth Plan. The IQAC acts as a nodal agency of the HEI (Higher Education Institutions) for coordinating quality-related activities. Its primary concern is to provide quality enhancement and qualitative change in every sector of the academic, administrative and human resources by working out interventionist strategies to remove deficiencies and disseminate good practices. One of its functions is to interact with the SQAC (State Quality Assurance Cell) in the pre and post accreditation quality assessment, sustenance and enhancement endeavours.


Its composition is as follows: The Principal/Teacher-in-charge as the Chairperson, a senior faculty member nominated as the Coordinator, five senior teaching members and two external experts.

The benefit of IQAC is to ensure:

  • Heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  • Internalization of the quality culture
  • Integration among the various activities of the institution and institutionalization of good practices
  • A dynamic system for quality changes in the institution

The plans of the IQAC for the next five years would be to implement the recommendations of the NAAC peer Team:

  • Recommend the acquisition of a second campus to overcome the space constraint which is inhibiting the growth and development of the college and undermining its potential
  • To develop/provide much needed facilities like ramps, elevators, wheelchairs, Braille for differently-abled students and staff.
  • To elevate some subjects from degree General Course to Honours Course like Hindi, Urdu, Zoology, Sociology and Statistics.
  • Increasing scope of studying Physics and English at postgraduate level.
  • Offer value-added courses/enrichment programmes.
  • Introduce industry-oriented vocational courses and training programmes.
  • Enhance and organize research aptitude development projects, study tours, special lectures on research methodology.
  • To organize more career counselling programmes, job-oriented workshops, placement interviews, lectures/seminars to expose the students to current trends in higher education and the job market.
  • Make provision for MOUs/Collaborative arrangements; the assessment of the behavioral aspects, independent learning and communication skills of students.
  • Strengthening the use of ICT as a learning resource.
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure and equipments of science laboratories and I.T. lab,
  • Strengthening feedback from stakeholders - students, guardians, alumni.
  • To enhance Internet browsing facilities to students and make available full texts of e-journals and e-books to students.
  • To support, promote and implement renewable, eco-friendly energies like solar, wind.
  • Conduct academic, administrative & green audit of the campus.
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