Academic Calender

Academic Calendar for the B.A. B.Sc. B.Com and B.Mus Studies
(under 1+1+1 System of Examination) for the Academic Session 2015-2016
Last date of admission to the 1st year Degree Courses : 10.8.2015

Last date of change of subject(s)/stream: 31.08.2015
Course of Studies Date of Commence-ment of Classes Submission of Registration Form to C.U. by the College Mid-term Exam College Test Result Of College Test Filling-up of Form for Univ. Exam. Date of Examinations (Tentative) Pub of Result (Tentative)
Theoritical Practical
Part-I Last week of July'15 18.9.2015 (without fine) (Application forms for Registration be submitted by the students to the college within 11-9-15). 30.9.2015(with fine) Nov.'15 2nd week of March 2016 1st week of April, 2016 2nd week of April, 2016 B.Com.(H+G) 20.6.16-30.6.16 B.A./B.Sc. (H&Major) & B.Com.(Major) 12.7.16-15.7.16 B.A/B.Sc.(Genl.) 19.7.16-29.7.16 B.A./B.Sc.(H& Major) & B.Com.(Major) 01.8.16-22.8.16 Within (0 Days from the last date of Exam
Part-II within 7 days from the completion of Part-I Exam   Nov.' 15 2nd week of February 2016 1st week of March 2016 2nd week of March 2016 B.Com.(H+G) 03.5.16-20.5.16 B.A./B.Sc. (H&Major) & B.Com.(Major) 24.5.16-27.5.16 B.A/B.Sc.(Genl.) 31.5.16-13.6.16 B.Com.(H+G) 28.3.16-18.4.16 B.A./B.Sc. (H&Major) & B.Com.(Major) 26.4.16-13.5.16 Genl. 15.6.16-08.7.16 -Do-
Part-III within 7 days from the completion of Part-II Exam   Nov.' 15 2nd week of January 2016 last week of january 2016 1st week of February 2016 BA/B.Sc./B.Com. (Hons. & Major) 01.4.16-12.4.16 (Genl.) 20.4.16-26.4.16 (H & Major) 08.3.16-25.3.16 Genl. 28.3.16-13.4.16 Within June, 2016
Compulsory Language, 2016
01.3.16-09.3.16 -------------------  
Part-I & II
Supplementary Examination, 2015
Filling up of Form :02nd week of December,2015
28.01.16-05.02.16 08.02.16-20.2.16